Aesthetics & Non-Surgical

Botox / Dysport / Xeomin / Daxxify
This popular procedure uses injectable neurotoxins to temporarily reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles.

Filler (Juvederm / Restylane / RHA)
Injectable hyaluronic acid is used to restore volume and smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the skin, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Fat Grafting
Fat grafting involves extraction of a patient’s own fat from one area of the body, which is then purified, filtered, and reinjected into another area. This procedure is often used to enhance facial features, breasts, or other body contours.

Kybella is an injectable medication that contains deoxycholic acid, which is designed to break down fat cells beneath the chin, effectively reducing the appearance of a double chin.

Sculptra is an injectable cosmetic treatment that contains poly-L-lactic acid. Sculptra stimulates collagen production in the skin over time to improve volume and reduce the signs of aging.

Radiesse is a dermal filler composed of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres. Radiesse adds volume to the skin and stimulates collagen production, resulting in smoother skin and diminished wrinkles.

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a regenerative treatment which harnesses the power of the patient’s own plasma. A blood sample is collected, processed to concentrate platelets, and then injected into the skin to promote natural healing and rejuvenation for various aesthetic and medical purposes.

Morpheus 8
Morpheus 8 is a minimally invasive procedure that combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy to improve skin texture, stimulate collagen production, and provide skin tightening benefits for a range of aesthetic concerns.

FaceTite / NeckTite / BodyTite
FaceTite, NeckTite, and BodyTite are minimally invasive, radiofrequency-assisted procedures that use a small probe placed beneath the skin to deliver controlled radiofrequency energy to tighten skin and contour the face, neck, and body.

HALO and BBL (BroadBand Light) are advanced skin rejuvenation treatments. HALO combines hybrid fractional laser technology to improve skin tone and texture, while BBL uses intense pulsed light to target pigmentation issues, sun damage, and vascular concerns for a more youthful and even complexion.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses concentrated light energy to target and permanently reduce hair growth by damaging hair follicles, providing a long-lasting solution for unwanted hair on various parts of the body.

Forever Clear (Acne)
Forever Clear is a comprehensive acne treatment utilizing a combination of blue light, red light, and intense pulsed light (IPL) technologies to effectively target and manage acne by reducing inflammation, killing bacteria, and promoting healthier skin.

Hydrafacial MD
HydraFacial MD is a non-invasive facial treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant infusion to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it refreshed, radiant, and deeply nourished.

Skin Pen Microneedling
SkinPen microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes a device with tiny needles to create controlled micro-punctures in the skin, stimulating collagen production and enhancing skin texture, tone, and overall appearance.

Fire & Ice Facial
The Fire & Ice Facial is a unique skincare treatment that involves a combination of intensive resurfacing and soothing rejuvenating masks to provide a refreshing and revitalizing experience, resulting in smoother, more radiant skin.

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction technique that uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate stubborn fat cells, leading to a gradual and noticeable reduction in targeted areas without the need for surgery or downtime.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are cosmetic procedures that involve the application of a chemical solution to the skin, causing exfoliation of the top layer and thereby revealing smoother, more even skin. Chemical peels can address various skin-related concerns, such as wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation.

Brow / Lash Tint
Brow and lash tinting involve the application of a semi-permanent dye to the eyebrows or eyelashes, enhancing their color and creating a more defined and polished look without the need for makeup.

Waxing is a hair removal method that involves applying warm or cold wax to the skin, which is then quickly pulled off, removing unwanted hair from the root and leaving the skin smooth and hair-free for a longer period of time compared to shaving.

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