Breast Augmentation Specialist: Dr. Laura Cooper

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Welcome to Signature Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, your premier destination for specialized plastic surgery services in the Idaho Falls area. Just a short drive away in Jackson, WY, our boutique practice combines expert surgical skills with a commitment to compassionate, personalized care, conveniently catering to residents of Idaho Falls seeking top-notch plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Laura Cooper brings a unique understanding to women’s concerns about their breasts. With her extensive training and expertise in physical, hormonal, and age-related breast changes, she stands out as the most qualified board-certified plastic surgeon in Idaho Falls for breast augmentation surgery.

Whether you seek breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or breast implant revision, Dr. Cooper is well-equipped to deliver your dream figure. With unparalleled skill in breast augmentation, she is dedicated to delivering natural-looking yet life-changing results. If you are unwilling to compromise on the quality of your breast augmentation and want the best plastic surgeon in the Idaho Falls area, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Laura Cooper today!

With devoted patients traveling from as far away as Los Angeles, Maine, and Salt Lake City, it couldn’t be easier to visit Jackson’s Signature Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics from nearby Idaho Falls. Keep reading to learn more about why the drive for breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures from Idaho Falls to Signature Plastic Surgery is well worth the trip.

“I traveled so that Dr. Cooper could do my surgery. She was certainly worth the trip! Not only did she spend time with me and answer my questions before, during and after my trip, she also put me at ease which was NOT easy to do. She is kind, personable, knowledgeable, meticulous, and professional. It was the BEST surgical experience I have ever had…. Dr Cooper is amazing, and her entire staff are excellent as well. If I ever need another surgery, I will definitely make the trip back to see Dr. Cooper and I would recommend her without hesitation!”

– S.R.

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Why choose Signature Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics?


While other board-certified plastic surgeons might pass off patient follow-up visits and post-operative care to office staff, at Signature Plastic Surgery, you are always seen by Dr. Cooper herself. The highly personalized level of care together with her expertise is a rarity in the field of Idaho Falls breast augmentation.

Choosing the gender of your plastic surgeon is a matter of personal preference. For some patients, the idea of disrobing and being evaluated by a male doctor can add to their overall anxiety surrounding plastic surgery. Selecting a female plastic surgeon for such a personal decision as breast augmentation presents is a comforting alternative. However, finding a qualified female plastic surgeon in Idaho Falls can be difficult: a recent study reports that only 1:5 plastic surgeons in the United States are female.

St. John’s Hospital in Jackson, WY, has received the Outstanding Patient Experience Award™ (2023, 2022, 2021). Receive treatment in a hospital recognized as top in the nation for overall patient experience based on nine measures related to doctor and nurse communication, hospital cleanliness and noise levels, and post-discharge care.

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Beyond offering breast augmentation to Idaho Falls patients, Dr. Cooper performs full-body and facial plastic surgery and luxury medical spa procedures. From cosmetic injectables and laser treatments that reverse years of aging, relax wrinkles, restore volume, plump lips, treat acne, and revive dull skin, to complex aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries, her medical finesse and surgical precision are unmatched among the options for Idaho Falls plastic surgery.

Contact us now to book precise and restorative surgical procedures, including:

Neck lift
Brow lift

Experience the difference of board-certified aesthetics and nonsurgical rejuvenation with:

Laser skin resurfacing with HALO / BBL / MOXI
Nonsurgical skin tightening with Morpheus, and more!

What Kind of Breast Surgery is Best for You?


This popular cosmetic procedure involves placing implants beneath the breast tissue or chest wall muscles to achieve the desired shape, size, and aesthetic result. Breast augmentation can improve symmetry, restore lost volume, or enhance body proportions. Dr. Cooper skillfully customizes all breast augmentation procedures for Idaho Falls patients to align with their individual goals and anatomy, achieving authentic results and boosted self-confidence.


A breast lift, or mastopexy, revitalizes breasts and restores a youthful contour. Breast lifts don’t alter breast size but do enhance shape and position. Factors like pregnancy, weight changes, and aging can cause breasts to lose volume and elasticity. A lift reshapes breast tissue, repositions nipples, and removes excess skin for a firmer, uplifted look. A minor incision is made on the breast, and the current tissue is refined and elevated.


Breast reduction is a plastic surgery that minimizes discomfort and enhances quality of life for those with large breasts. It involves removing excess tissue, fat, and skin to improve proportions, relieve pain, and enhance confidence. Dr. Cooper masterfully tailors the procedure to each patient, offering significant comfort and aesthetic improvement for a balanced body profile. For those in Idaho Falls seeking plastic surgery to dramatically improve the quality of their daily lives, breast reduction can work wonders.


Patients who have undergone augmentation with overly large implants can encounter implant lateral migration over time. Without support, these implants typically do not age gracefully and can lead to pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. By removing or replacing old implants with proper support and lifting techniques, Dr. Cooper enhances breast appearance, alleviates discomfort, and restores your proportions.

To learn more about breast lift, breast reduction, breast implant revision, and breast augmentation in Idaho Falls, schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon and breast surgery specialist, Dr. Laura Cooper, by reaching out today!