Breast Augmentation Specialist: Dr. Laura Cooper

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Signature Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics welcomes you to your premier destination for specialized plastic surgery services in Jackson, Wyoming. Located in picturesque downtown Jackson Hole, our boutique practice combines cutting-edge plastic surgery skills with a heartfelt commitment to our community and to our clients traveling from near and far. Dr. Laura Cooper has a feminine and professional approach to plastic surgery. Her expertise includes breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reconstructive surgery, with an emphasis on breast cancer patients. Her extensive experience and education in physical, hormonal, and age-related breast changes, guides her practice in offering an elite choice for breast augmentation surgery in the Tetons.

With unmatched skill in breast augmentation, Dr. Laura Cooper is dedicated to delivering natural and quality results to those looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon in Jackson, WY, and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Wyoming, Idaho, or anywhere across the United States, and are unwilling to compromise on the quality of your results, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Laura Cooper and find out how she can help you achieve your dream results!

Signature Plastic Surgery

It’s no surprise devoted patients travel from all over the country for Dr. Laura’s unparalleled Breast Augmentation and Plastic Surgery Services at Signature Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics.

Why do patients choose Signature Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics in Jackson, WY?

The personalized quality of care offered by Dr. Laura Cooper is why patients in Jackson, WY, choose her practice for plastic surgery. While many board-certified plastic surgeons elect to have office staff provide follow-up visits and post-operative care, at Signature Plastic Surgery, you are always seen by Dr. Cooper for every pre and post surgery visit. To offer personal care to each client is a rare find in the realm of plastic surgery and breast augmentation. Choosing a boutique practice such as Signature Plastic Surgery is sure to provide you with the highly individualized care you deserve.

When selecting a plastic surgeon, the gender of the surgeon is often a deciding factor considered by female patients. Signature Plastic Surgery recognizes that being evaluated and treated by a female surgeon can be a comforting option for some. However, finding a qualified female plastic surgeon in Wyoming, Idaho, or anywhere in the US can be a challenge: a recent study reports that only 1:5 plastic surgeons in the United States are female.

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Signature’s Breast Surgery Options


in Jackson, WY

Are you looking to improve symmetry, restore lost volume, or enhance body proportions? Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves placing implants beneath the breast tissue or chest wall muscles to achieve the desired shape, size, and aesthetic result. Dr. Cooper skillfully customizes all breast augmentation procedures to harmonize with patient anatomy and to meet individual aesthetic goals, achieving natural-looking results and increased self-esteem.


in Jackson, WY

Are you ready to revitalize your breasts and restore a youthful contour? A breast lift, or mastopexy, can enhance shape and position without the need for a full breast augmentation. Many women consider breast lift as an option after pregnancy, weight loss, or natural age-related drooping resulting in a loss of volume and elasticity. If you are seeking to refine the current tissue of your breasts for a lifted look, this procedure could be perfect for you.


in Jackson, WY

Have you considered a Breast reduction because of an unbalanced look, discomfort, or not feeling confident in your clothes? Dr. Cooper is highly regarded for her ability to tailor breast reduction surgeries to her patients’ needs and desired outcomes. Her experience and commitment to excellence makes her the best choice for fulfilling your desired new figure.


in Jackson, WY

Do you need to replace or remove your current breast implants? Patients who have undergone previous breast augmentation with overly large implants can encounter implant migration over time that may cause discomfort and an unwanted aesthetic. Dr. Laura can help alleviate discomfort and achieve the results you desire with implant replacement and removal surgery.

Schedule your one-on-one consultation for breast lift, breast reduction, breast implant revision, and breast augmentation with Breast Specialist, Dr. Laura Cooper, today!